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Our Professional NDT Inspection Team Assures Castings Quality

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    With 20 years experience on many mechanical parts, we help our customers ensure the internal quality and safety of the products, and help our customers avoid the potential catastrophic failure and financial losses. Now we'd like to provide our non-destructive test (NDT) service for you if you want to have your products checked by magnetic particle examination (MPE), ultrasonic examination (UE), liquid penetration examination (LPE). Our certificated NDT inspectors are proficient in both national and international standards, such as ASTM A609, ASTM E446, ASTM E186, ASTM E125, EN 12680, EN 10228-4, ASTM A388 and so on, and we can carry out NDT at your facility or any other localities as you request.


    If you're looking for professional NDT service, please feel free to contact us. And if you're looking for a reliable supplier for mechanical products for crushers, please contact us as well, we'll give you our best quotation.


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 Cell: + 86 182 0293 2520
 Address: C301, No. 68, 2nd Keji Road Xi'an, China
 Email: inquiry@huan-tai.org 
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