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  Why companies buy steel castings, iron castings and aluminum castings and forgings from China? Are the Chinese castings quality good?

  They buy Chinese castings for variety of reasons. Some for reduction of cost, some for accessing world-class capabilities, and others for better focusing on its core resources. Are they happy to buy Chinese castings? Some of them are happy, while others are not. Why? For those who are happy, they get good prices and deliveries. For those who are not, they run into a number of problems. Now, where do we fit in this picture? What do we bring to the customer and what makes us different from those people selling Chinese castings?

Chinese Castings


 Tel: + 86 29 87669660
 Cell: + 86 182 0293 2520
 Address: C301, No. 68, 2nd Keji Road Xi'an, China
 Email: inquiry@huan-tai.org 
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