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  • Q Can you provide price breakdown in terms of your direct cost, indirect cost, overhead and profit?

    A  Such information is confidential. We do not provide such information to customers.
  • Q We have ideas of cost reduction on our products. But we do not have mechanical engineers to re-design for improvement. Can you help?

    A Yes, our engineers can communicate with you to provide help to optimize design of components. Our experience and knowledge are mostly in castings, forgings, general machining, gears, gearboxes and non-destructive examinations.
  • Q We see products you supply to other companies. Can we buy the same products from you? Can you show the drawings or your quality control manual to us?

    A No, we cannot sell them to you and we cannot show you the drawings or quality control manual. We do business on high ethical standard and we respect intellectual property.
  • Q Do you have traceability on the products that you supply?

    A Yes, we have traceability on the products unless the parts are too small to place such traceability identifiers. Subject to the nature of the products, they may be traced back in heat number, lot number and etc.
  • Q How do you know whether the chemical composition and mechanical properties reported are reliable?

    A A: As part of our process control, we run frequent verification tests in our own facility on chemical composition and mechanical properties from test materials randomly selected by our quality controller. If deviations exist, we will run investigation to make sure that we know exactly what it is. Additionally, where practical, we also conduct sample dimensional inspections in our own facility.
  • Q We have bad experience with suppliers that the samples are good but quality deteriorates in production deliveries. Does the same happen for products from your company?

    A The situation seldom happens with products from our company unless we missed points in our inspection. To begin with, we mandatory requires the tooling and process for making samples be the same for manufacturing parts in production runs. On top of that, our company’s mechanism is to own the products first before we sell them. Naturally, we have no interest to take bad products. The effective way to get good products is to have our own professional staff stay on the factory floor, monitor the process and check the quality before taking them.


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